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Transfigure @ Kinky Star
Cassette Store Day
Wool-E Shop on the move again
Der Tag der Befreiung ist nah!!! (19) & EPICUREAN ESCAPISM FESTIVAL: Con-Dom, Human Larvae, Kommando, Last Dominion Lost, Martin Bladh, Megaptera, Morthound & Sophia
Wool-E at Wrangler in Brussels , streetshop in St A-berg back open on tuesday 12 August

Transfigure @ Kinky Star

Transfigure @ Kinky Star

Thursday 9 October, Wool-E Tapes artist Transfigure will play Belgium for the first time.
Kinky Star in Gent is the place to be. The concert is free and starts at 21:30.

Transfigure are a young British minimal synth duo comprised of Lewis Norvid and Grace Blamire, their sound is cold but still playfull, heavily influenced by Martial Canterel, but taking it way further. Taking it beyond the border of MC's Sean other project Xeno & Oaklander.

Their debut EP on Wool-E Tapes soon sold out, but for this tour a limited repress was made
They also have a cut on the latest Wool-E tapes effort, The 15th compilation tape

Transfigure @ Kinky Star

Cassette Store Day

Cassette Store Day

ZATERDAG 27 SEPTEMBER 12:00 – 19:00



Met live optredens
15:00 MAN WITHOUT WORLD (Aalst)  (wave/electro - Tape release show)
16:30 TOM WOLF (Gent) (folk/luisterlied/electronica – in het kader van zijn huiskamerconcertreeks)

Voor de gelegenheid vier nieuwe tapes op het Wool-E Tapes label:

WET011 Woodbender/Cinema Perdu/The [Law-Rah] Collective -
Blue Ruins Under Yellow Skies
WET012 Sebastien Crusener – Dwaalspoor
WET013 Man Without World - And Then It Ends
WET015 The 15th


Cassette Store Day

Wool-E Shop on the move again

Wool-E Shop on the move again

Wool-E Shop will be closed between Friday 12 September and Monday 22 September.
Because our friends at Consouling Store will be at Incubate in Tilburg next week our vinylcollection (and a small CD-selection) will be moved to their shop.
(Consouling Store, Baudelostraat 13, 9000 Gent)
While we ourselves are on the move, Consouling Store will remain open and thus the Wool-E collection browsable.
Saturday 13 September we will be with a recordstand at the Young And Cold Festival in Augsburg, Germany
Monday 15 September at the DNA club in Brussels for the Marie Davidson  - //ZOO  gig
Friday 19 September Kavka in Antwerp where we'll meet Parade Ground again for their gig with Metroland
Sunday 21 September back in Gent for Mongolito/Sembler Deah/Nadja gig in Monasterium Poortackere.
Our own streetshop in St Amandsberg will be back open on Tuesday 23 September

On Saturday 27 September it's the second edition of Cassette Store Day and the day after (Sunday 28 September) we're at the DOK MusicMarket. But more about that in a next update.

Wool-E Shop on the move again

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