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19/04 Record Store Day at Wool-E Shop with ELEMENTS (ex-Red Zebra), Stin Scatzor, Krystoff Dorion & Hellvete
16/04 POST MORTEM (nl, drone.art.noise) + KRISTUS K*T (nl, dark.tribal.art) @cP
Wool-E Shop 5 Years = 5% Discount during April
Friday 04/04 Corvus Corax @ Het Depot, Leuven Shop closed at 17h30
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19/04 Record Store Day at Wool-E Shop with ELEMENTS (ex-Red Zebra), Stin Scatzor, Krystoff Dorion & Hellvete


Record Store Day @ Wool-E Shop

Free promotional gigs by ELEMENTS (Ex-Red Zebra), Krysztoff Dorion, Hellvete and Stin Scatzor.


16h Krystoff Dorion
17h Stin Scatzor
18h Hellvete

RSD at Wool-E Shop is a party as always, third year in a row we take part now with some artists that deserve to be in the spotlight. Shunned by other shops or major labels big and small, we want to give these artist a stage and in the meantime hopefully boost their sales a bit.
Three of them have a new album out, the fourth is in preparation of releasing one.

Next to free gigs there will also be special RSD releases, a lot of them you will find in other stores too, but we got some specials up our sleeve you won't find anywhere else in Belgium. A list will be provided soon :-)


ELEMENTS were founded in 2011 in Brugge, Belgium. They are a continuation of the legendary new wave band Red Zebra, with bass player Sam Claeys on lead vocals. Johan Isselée (drums, synths), Geert Maertens (guitar), and Chris 'Hazy' Deneve (guitar, synths) complete the line up.

Sam's melodic and eclectic vocals, as well as the landscaping synths layered on the repetitive (Red Zebra) drums and guitars, created a novel and interesting, but foremost beautiful, electro&guitar wave sound.

ELEMENTS produce a magnificent modern sound with a melancholic feel. On their titleless maiden record several pearls such as 'Wisdom of Knowing', 'Renegade', and 'Undecided' emerged as Sirens of a new dawn for the band. Songs such as 'Weak and Lost' provide a propelling drive and will sound familiar at live gigs.

The record was home recorded and mixed by Johan Isselée, Steven Lorie (Mensen Blaffen) and Peter Van Mulders (Cinq Chevaux, live mix ELEMENTS), and gratiously mastered at Abbey Road studios by Adam Nunn ( who also did Radiohead, TV on The Radio, The Human League to name a few... )

ELEMENTS are ready to dwell across Belgian and European roads again.


**Stin Scatzor**

Industro-sounds from Hellgium !!!
Stefan Bens (voice, noise)
Kris Peeters (guitar, extra noise, mixing)
Mr. FaS (live-noises)

New album Industremakes out now!!



Deep Distance is releasing the new LP from Glen Steenkiste‘s HELLVETE project. Arguably best known as one of the founding members of Belgian collective; the incredible Sylvester Anfang and it‘s SAII recent incarnation. “Ode“ is his third LP following previous, always amazing, sold out cassettes, cdrs and wax on labels as diverse as Kraak, Sloow Tapes, Funeral Folk, Blackest Rainbow and SicSic tapes to name but a few.

“Ode“ continues Glen‘s recent slant towards longer compositional pieces with 2 sidelong drones, which in his own words “document the ongoing search for sustained notes, flickering overtones and blissful environments”.

Recorded prior to his last LP “ Sint-Denijs” in 2011 and is “in praise to all things that bring and inspire great joy. A quest for focus in an impulse overloaded age. Like a weaver combining all the yarns into one delicate woven lace”.

A beautiful LP on both the ear and the eye- wonderful sleeve art and an edition of 300 only on ultra clear vinyl. Expected to move fast, as per previous output for label and artist.


**Krysztoff Dorion**

Krysztoff Dorion creates a mood of its own around his musical pieces.
His compositions can be characterized as fragile, atmospheric
with a strong cinematic effect. Mixing virtuosity and free improvisation in a balanced way in order to create accelerated rhythms. These two main contradictory aspects, frailness and fleetness, open a new view about elements and structures for a classic guitar composition.


19/04 Record Store Day at Wool-E Shop with ELEMENTS (ex-Red Zebra), Stin Scatzor, Krystoff Dorion & Hellvete

16/04 POST MORTEM (nl, drone.art.noise) + KRISTUS K*T (nl, dark.tribal.art) @cP


cP* presents a night of dark arts with


Post Mortem is a musical project of Jan Kees Helms. Between 1987 and 1992 he released several tapes with experimental and noise music.

"When you listen with open ears, without any filter, to all the sounds in the world, reality is more noisier than you ever had thought."

In 2010 he re-started and created interpretations of the noise of the digital world we are living in. The albums are released on netlabels like DNA Production and Very Nice Noise. Still Post Mortem works digitally on the re-interpretation of the digital and commercial words, inspired by the cut-up technic of William Burroughs.

In 2012 he returns to his roots and he re-interpretates old tape-recordings and creates new compositions of this long forgotten world.

Or Post Mortem creates new compositions played by a typewriter, dictaphone, several tape-decks, a dusted guitar, found objects, voice and live video-screenings.




dark - voodoo - art - tribal - post-industrial



doors 19:00
damage 3€
first band 20:30


Wool-E Shop 5 Years = 5% Discount during April


Today Wool-E Shop is officially 5 years old!!
From today till the end of the month 5% discount on all purchases in the shop.
And no this is not an April Fools Day joke, it's serious!!

Wool-E Shop 5 Years = 5% Discount during April

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