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Openingschedule for the next two weeks
Minimal Synth Night
We're on Twitter and on Tsu
Cassette Store Day
Tickets Minimal Synth Night & BIMfest available

Openingschedule for the next two weeks


Openingschedule for the next two weeks

Minimal Synth Night


Saturday 14 November the shop will be closed at 17h00!!
Afterwards you can find us at JH Wommel in Wommelgem for the Minimal Synth Night with 4 live-bands!

We still got hardcopy tickets for sale for this event.

Live bands:


The original name of Dada Pogrom was Pogrom Dada.
It was randomly chosen by twice stabbing a fork into a dictionary on Thursday, November 9, 1989.
The name was later changed to Dada Pogrom as this sounded correct.

K (Kenneth Balys) is a computer scientist. He is Dada Pogrom.
He has twice climbed Denmark's highest peak, the Himmelbjerget, without oxygen.



German cold, minimal electro project from Dortmund / Ruhrgebiet, started in 1994. The name Echo West was first used in 2000 as a project name.

Their name refers to the fact that the electronic music is a product from the West and the atmosphere they create is cold and meloncholic and can be described as 'Angst Pop'.

Echo West stands for a view on the more negative aspects of life in general, in the context of our Western culture. EW’s music is the musical echo or mirror of those circumstances.


Currently the solo project of Joa Saleina (Epic Dreams / Cosmic Hula Radiators / Mängelexemplar / Electric Western & The Pocket Calculators / Nine Circles). Began to create his own music in the mid eighties and participates in many other bands and projects, but also theater and dance art.

Using analogue instruments to express passion to witness the charm of the cold wave / new wave / minimal era end 70s and 80s.


Spring, 1984, and as the snow melts in the northern country of Sweden, Seppuku is formed by friends Rasmus, Ronny and Fredric. Out of the frustration of teenage boredom the trio starts to experiment with music, which is the result of their common interest in spy flicks, electronic music, Asian culture and space-age futurism.

By early autumn the single “Under Your Controll”/”A New Illusion” sees the light of day. Rasmus and Ronny are now joined by new members Togga Papp and Conda, while Fredric leaves as part of the recording-/live act. The successful 7” takes Seppuku, with new member Johan, out on a tour, which starts in Swedish metropolises as Varnamo, Norrkoping, Ljungby and Oskarshamn, through Germany and the BeNeLux countries and ends up in Le Havre, France.

Back home again, the latter city is sung about in one of the new songs; “Assignment France”, which is part of another successful recording session. The other two tracks on this session are; “Man Utan Moral” and the still unreleased; “Hon Gav Mig Allt”. (“Assignment France” and “Man Utan Moral” were later released on the LP box set compilation Reminiscent).

Afterparty with :

- Dj Wolf (Den Bunker)
- Cerrone (Underground Wave)
- Wellereiter

Minimal Synth Night

We're on Twitter and on Tsu


Since a few weeks we made the difficult jump to Twitter, join us there if you dare: https://twitter.com/WoolEShop

About a year a go a new social network popped up: Tsu. About 6 months ago we tried this out, not to our satisfaction. But now Facebook blocked all links to Tsu, drawing the much needed attention. If you care, you can join us there too: http://www.tsu.co/WoolEShop
So we're not alone anymore ;-)

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